Client Remarks and Comments on the Works of Tom White


Tom and Marcey White poured their hearts into illustrating this Biblical parable with artistry and creativity, emphasizing the seed of the Gospel.

 "Tom has masterfully molded The Sower and the Soils reminding me of the Scripture, ‘We are the clay, and [the Lord is] our potter.’ We are the work of His hands."

— Franklin Graham, BGEA, President & CEO
(8-foot monumental bronze "The Sower and the Soils"
in The Billy Graham Library, Charlotte, NC)

Tom White's art is... ‘in a class by itself.’  His attention-to-detail is ‘rare and unsurpassed.’  I am ever intrigued by his ability to get subtle facial expressions and emotion, such as a twinkle in the eye and sweeping movement, in a medium as dense as bronze."
— Carole S. Deutsch, fine arts writer/author.
("Welcome the Children" Long Valley, NJ)

"It is BEYOND!!!!  So beautiful – and exactly what we had pictured!!  Thank you, thank you!  You have our highest recommendations."
— Jeff & Kelly Dillard, Fort Worth, TX
(Sculpture of Dillards' and their six children's
hands on a 4’×4’ panel fountain)


"Tom listened and went to work....  In the end it came out just right.... down to the chipped left front tooth.

 "Tom is a visionary genius seeing the end of a project while you are describing the beginning.

 "His greatest gift - rare indeed! - is humility and the ability to convey what only a parent knows... (and what) cannot be captured in photographs."
— Geoff & Debi McDonald, Louisville, KY
("Sami Swings" memorial bronze to their daughter Sami,
Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY

"With a singular focus on the Word of God, (Tom and Marcey White) together used their remarkable insights and talents to illustrate the truth of Scripture."
— Donna Lee Toney, project coordinator
("Sower & the Soils" 8-foot monumental bronze centerpiece
for the remodeled Billy Graham Library, Charlotte, NC)

"(It is) a startling likeness of my father at his best.  I couldn't be happier....  Tom White is a true master."
— John D. Bray, M.D., Midland, TX
(Commissioned life-size bust of his father, John A. Bray,
created solely from pictures and family input.)